Daudziem nav skaidri dažādie saīsinājumi, ko parasti lieto fotogrāfi komunicējot internetā. Tādēļ Joseph Kurkjian ir īsumā apkopojis populārākos vai visbiežāk lietojamos saīsinājumus (ne tikai foto terminoloģijā). To viņš publicējis forums.dpreview.com forumā. Visam būs angļu skaidrojums un iespējams ne visai pilnīgs, bet tomēr vismaz rodas skaidrība, kurā virzienā jāmeklē tālāk.

AA - anti aliasing
ACR – Adobe Converter RAW, the RAW converter included in PS
ADC - analog to digital converter
A/D - analog to digital converter
AF - auto focus
AFAIC – as far as I’m concerned
AFAIK – as far as I know
AKA – also known as
ARS – anal aperture
AS – aspheric, usually describing an AS ground lens
ASAP - as soon as possible
B&G – bride and groom
BG – background
Blocked – shadow information is clipped
Blown - data highlights are clipped
BS – bullsh!t
BTW - by the way
C - Canon
CB – color balance (AKA white balance)
CCD – charge coupled device
CF – custom function, Canon camaras
CF – compact flash
ch – channel, as in red, green, and blue channels
CMOS - complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor
CP – circular polarizer
cPOL - circular polarizer
CRT – cathode ray tube
CW – Chuck Westfall, Canon’s technical sounding board
Digicam – digital camera
DNG - Digital Negative - Adobe’s proposed raw format
DO - diffractive Optics
DOF - depth of field at the object plane
DOF - depth of focus at the image plane
DPP – Digital Photo Professional (Canon’s RAW converter program)
DR - dynamic range
DSLR - digital SLR
EC - exposure correction
EXIF - exchangeable image file format
EV - exposure value
EVF - electronic viewfinder
FAIK – for all I know
FL - focal length
F-stop – a Stop
FOV - field of view
fps - frames per second
FWIW - for what it’s worth
GAS - Gear Acquisition Syndrome
GB - gigabyte
GND – graduated neutral density (e.g. GND filters)
HDR – high dynamic range
HSL – Hue, Saturation, and Lightness adjustments
IDIOT - somebody that makes lists (like this one)
IMHO - in my humble opinion
IMO - in my opinion
IMNSHO - In my not so humble opinion
IOW - in other words
IS - image stabilization
ISO - the “International Organization for Standardization”
IQ – image quality
KISS – the “keep it simple, stupid” principle
L - Canon’s Luxury line of lenses
LCD – liquid crystal display
LD – low dispersion, a type of glass used for a lens element
LMAO - laughing my “you know what” off
LOL - laughing out loud
LR – Lightroom, Adobe’s RAW converter program
LV – Live view
MA – micro adjustment (e.g. on the 1DmkIII camera)
MB - megabyte
MF – medium format
MFD – minimum focusing distance
MFDB – medium format digital back
mk - mark
MLU – mirror lock-up
MP - mega pixel
MUA – make-up artist
N - Nikon
NDA – non-disclosure agreement
NSFW – not safe for work
NI – Neat Image (noise reduction program)
NIB – New in Box
ND – Neutral Density (e.g. ND filter)
NN – Noise Ninja (noise reduction program)
Noob – a Newbie (new to the forum and/or photography)
NP – national park
NR – noise removal
NW - noiseware
OBTW - oh by the way
Oly – Olympus
OMG – oh my God
OOF - out of focus
OP – the original poster of a thread
OT – off topic
OTT – over the top
P&S – point and shoot (e.g. P&S camera)
Pano – a panorama created by stitching individual picture frames
Pics - short for pictures
PITA - pain in the “you know what”
PLS - please
POL – polarizer (linear POL “may” be assumed)
POS - a piece of “you know what, try sh!t for starters”
POS – point of sale
POV – point of view
PP - post processing (performed after the initial rendering).
PR – public relations
PS – Photoshop (image editor program)
PS – power supply
PSP – Paint Shop Pro (image editor program)
PTGui – program for stitching individual picture frames into a panorama
RAW - a 16-bit format file, minimum of in-camera processing.
ROF – ring of fire (AF point selection choice)
ROOTB – right out of the box
ROOTC – right out of the camera
ROFLAMO - rolling on the floor and LMAO
RSP – Raw Shooter Premium (RAW converter program)
RTFM – read the “you know what” manual
SLD – super low dispersion, a type of glass used for a lens element
SLD – super-luminescent diode
SLR - single lens reflex (usually applies to a film SLR camera)
Stop - a factor of two in illumination or light intensity
TB - terabyte
TC - teleconverter (usually 1.4X and 2X)
tele – telephoto lens (typical meaning)
TTL - Through The Lens
ULD – ultra low dispersion, a type of glass used for a lens element
USM - unsharp masking
USM – ultra sonic motor
UWA – ultra wide angle (e.g. lens or perspective)
VR – Nikon’s equivalent of Canon’s “IS”
WA - wide angle (e.g. lens or perspective)
WAG – wild a$$ guess
WB – white balance
W/O – without
WTB – want to buy
WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get
YMMV - your mileage may vary
ZB – Zoombrowser, a canon program used for browsing

100% crop - a crop of the original JPEG file or RAW converted file, no resizing allowed.